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by Brooke Simonson
The Health Investment Podcast with Brooke Simonson

The Most Mind-Blowing Info I Learned In My First 100 Episodes | Brooke Simonson


EPISODE 100 | I know people always say this, but it feels like just yesterday that I decided to start this podcast—with absolutely no idea what I was doing or what it would entail! And honestly, if I knew then what I know now—how much work it takes behind the scenes—I maaaaay not have started it...so I guess I’m glad that I was ignorant! Ignorance is bliss, right? But in all seriousness...I’m so grateful to have started it because I’ve connected with truly AMAZING, INFORMATIVE guests, and I’ve also created deeper relationships with you: my listeners! Speaking of you...this podcast wouldn’t exist or thrive without you, so please know how truly grateful I am that you’ve subscribed and joined me for this exciting ride. The Health Investment Podcast community is the best of the best, and I’m just happy to be part of it. For this 100th ep, I wanted to do something special and a little different, so I decided it’d be fun to share some of the most mind-blowing things I’ve learned about nutrition, weight loss, fitness, sleep, stress, and more from the *expert* guests I’ve had the honor of speaking with. Before starting this podcast, I believed some things to be true that I’ve now reconsidered, so I wanna highlight some of the brilliant people who’ve changed my mind! Sound good? Good. Enjoy!
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by Brooke Simonson