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E182 - Ryan Mason: How to focus on your comeback, not your set back

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

Ryan Mason is currently a first team football coach at Tottenham Hotspur FC and was the youngest person ever to manage a Premier League football match at 29. Ryan played football professionally until a life changing skull injury, which he suffered during a match and led to 48 staples in his skull. In this episode they discuss the injury and the struggles that took place in the following months. He shares how he fought through the anger and resentment that followed. 

Nine months after his injury, Ryan was told he would never play football again. This sudden life change led him to find a passion for coaching. He shares with Jake and Damian his coaching methods, how he builds trust within the team, how he builds emotional connections to give players strength and how crucial positive energy is. 

In this episode they discuss obsession, finding the positives and emphasising freedom within football. 

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