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Gordon Ramsay: 'It's f**king raw!' Reflections on a life of adversity and achievement (E221)

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

On this episode: a rare and poignant conversation on the life, aspirations, and motivations of chef and TV icon, Gordon Ramsay.

“I don’t want to stay in my lane, I want to own my lane”

Gordon Ramsay is a chef, restaurateur and television presenter, known for Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen. In this conversation, Gordon delves deep into what really drives him, how to cultivate a winning mindset and the most crucial lessons from his career so far. He shares with Jake and Damian how growing up in a challenging household, living in 15 different homes and a difficult relationship with his father, instilled in him a sense of purpose.

After suffering a career-ending football injury as a teenager, Gordon found his passion for the culinary arts. He discusses how he found the strength and resilience to pick himself back up from such a setback. Alongside his career developments, Gordon also shares the key to strong and successful family relationships. He highlights the importance of commitment and making time, even during the heights of his career. Gordon also speaks candidly about the experience of losing a child and how he and his partner have dealt with the trauma, focusing on the basis of their relationship: friendship.

Looking ahead, Gordon considers his future goals, including the pursuit of a third Michelin Star in France, which he regards as his final swan song in the culinary world. Despite his remarkable achievements across a forty-year career, Gordon and his team are far from finished.

Warning: There is swearing in this episode.

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