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The High Performance Podcast

Living life on your own terms with author of Clear Thinking, Shane Parrish (E223)

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

This episode explores how by mastering the basics, we can unlock the secrets to living life in ‘easy mode’.

Shane Parrish is a former spy, founder of Farnam Street and author of ‘Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results’. Jake, Damian and Shane discuss why it is crucial to do the basics right. By analysing our four default modes; Emotion, Ego, Social and Inertia, Shane studies how we can ensure we are thinking clearly. Positioning is a key focus of Shane’s work; he describes to Jake and Damian how by positioning ourselves, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising, we can improve our lives.

The conversation delves into the core of optimising performance, both individually and in a team setting. Shane shares how he effectively manages a team, especially people who don’t want to do hard work. He explains his motto, "outcome over ego," and why this has transformed his personal and professional life. Whilst discussing how to live a happier life, Shane describes the lessons he’s learnt from people nearing the end of their lives. He explains how we can all lead a life more aligned with our goals, and how to find out what our true motivations are.

This is a deep dive into the psychology of high performance and clear thinking, and reveals how small changes can lead to monumental results in life and leadership.

Find Clear Thinking here: https://bookshop.org/p/books/clear-thinking-turning-ordinary-moments-into-extraordinary-results-shane-parrish/19635288

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The High Performance Podcast
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