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The High Performance Podcast

Professor Brian Cox on doubt, the universe and the future of humanity (E217)

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

This is a conversation about science, philosophy, the meaning of life, and the unfathomable size of the universe.

Professor Brian Cox is a physicist, known for his astronomy and cosmology series’, including The Universe and Stargazing Live. He has performed on several sell-out arena tours, setting the Guinness World Record for the biggest selling science tour. Before his career in science, at age 18 Brian embarked on a musical career, forming a band with the ex-keyboarder from Thin Lizzy. Brian shares stories of his 5 years as a professional musician; as a keyboard player in the bands Dare and D:Ream. Having achieved in D in Maths A-level, Brian discusses with Jake and Damain how this experience taught him his greatest lesson: the importance of practice.

In this episode, Brian imparts invaluable wisdom on the pursuit of greatness and knowledge, and his belief that “very few people are naturally great”. He shares his secrets on summoning the courage to ask difficult questions and the importance of saying “I don’t know”. They discuss the greatest threat to humanity: human stupidity, and Brian offers insights on creating global cooperation in a world with the power to destroy itself.

Jake, Damian and Brian tackle life's biggest questions, whilst exploring life's more personal subjects: self-doubt, fear and finding confidence.

See Brian on his live tour ‘Horizons’: https://briancoxlive.co.uk/

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The High Performance Podcast
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