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by The Hip Hop Inquisition
The Hip Hop Inquisition

The Hip Hop Inquisition - August 2010


The first podcast from The Hip Hop Inquisition.

The best NEW hip hop, plus gems from ever since 'when hip hop went shit'.

Lovingly selected, edited, arranged and buggered around with especially for YOU.

This month....
01. 'Freak Flag': Open Mike Eagle: Unapologetic Art Rap: 2010
02. 'Mikey Rocks': The Cool Kids: The Bake Sale: 2008
03. 'Seasons': Apollo Brown: The Reset: 2010
04. 'Pass That': Eternia & Moss: At Last: 2010
05. 'Shot In The Dark': RJD2: Deadringer: 2002
06. 'Yesterday': Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons: 2008
07. 'Zimba Ku' (break to the beat): Black Heat
08. 'Young Black Male': Hard Knocks: School Of Hard Knocks: 1992
09. 'Xenobia': A.G.: Everything's Berri: 2010
10. 'Slaves' (Baby J Remix): Skitz: Sticksman: 2010
11. 'Figment': Damu The Fudgemunk: How It Should Sound: 2010
12. 'Chase The Dragon': Bomshot & Holocaust: Warghosts: 2010
13. 'Benzie Box': Danger Doom: The Mouse And The Mask: 2005
14. 'Find No Enemy': Akala: Doublethink: 2010
15. 'Third World Lover': Dan The Automator & DJ Shadow: Bombay Vol 2: 2001
16. 'The Illness': Soundsci: Dig For Victory EP: 2009
17. 'Hey You': Styles Of Beyond: Razortag: 2007
18. 'Dumhi Cannons': Dumhi: The Jungle: 2010
19. 'Ride': Zion I: Never Not Fresh: 2010

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by The Hip Hop Inquisition