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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fit the Fifteenth


Slartibartfast shows Ford and Arthur an Informational Illusion about the Krikkit Wars and the Wikkit Gate, and that the game of cricket on Earth is a "racial memory" of the Wars. Investigating further, they discover that the Krikkitmen, a previously peaceful people, built their first spaceship in a year, after a spaceship landed on their planet. The planet and its sun had been previously obscured in a dust cloud that left the Krikkitmen unaware of the existence or even possibility of existence of stars. It is considered remarkable that they constructed a working ship in just a year. After they saw the rest of the universe existed, they decided to annihilate it.

Meanwhile, on the Heart of Gold, Zaphod Beeblebrox hears the noise of thousands of people saying "Wop". He intercepts them on the bridge, where he is told they want the "Golden Bail", the ship's Infinite Improbability Drive. They take it, shoot him, and leave.

Back on Slartibartfast's ship, Ford and Arthur watch the Krikkit War Crimes Trial, presided over by Judiciary Pag. Pag's sentence is that Krikkit will be locked in an envelope of "Slo-Time", until the universe has ended, when it will be released, thus saving the universe from attack from Krikkit, and allowing Krikkit to exist in isolation after the end of the universe. However, a Krikkit ship escaped.

Slartibartfast notes that parts of the key to the Wikkit Gate, sealing the envelope of Slo-Time, have been re-appearing. After a failed attempt to recover the Wooden Pillar (the Ashes), Slartibartfast plans to go to a party, to locate the Silver Bail. Ford disagrees with this objective but agrees with the concept of going to a party. They teleport from the ship.

Arthur does not materialise with Ford and Slartibartfast, but elsewhere, in a gloomy room, with signs such as "DO NOT BE ALARMED. BE VERY VERY FRIGHTENED, ARTHUR DENT". The episode ends on a cliff-hanger, with the previously unintroduced character of Agrajag saying "Bet you weren't expecting to see me again."

The episode includes several Guide interludes, notably the story of Lallafa the poet, and a description of Brockian Ultra-Cricket. 

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 5 October 2004


  •     The Book: William Franklyn 
  •     Arthur Dent: Simon Jones 
  •     Ford Prefect: Geoffrey McGivern 
  •     Slartibartfast: Richard Griffiths 
  •     Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey 
  •     Wikkit Voice: Dominic Hawksley 
  •     Agrajag: Douglas Adams 
  •     Eddie the Computer: Roger Gregg 
  •     Judiciary Pag: Rupert Degas 
  •     Krikkit Man One (and Mancunian Correcting-Fluid Magnate, uncredited): Michael Fenton Stevens 
  •     Krikkit Man Two (and Krikkit song by): Philip Pope 
  •     Krikkit Man Three: Tom Maggs 
  •     Henry Blofeld: Himself 
  •     Fred Trueman: Himself 
  •     Announcer: John Marsh 


Episode 3

Season 3

by BBC Radio Four