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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fit the Sixteenth


The episode begins with Arthur, who has been "diverted" by Agrajag, who claims that Arthur has killed previous incarnations of him hundreds of times. He also claims to have been the bowl of petunias that materialised into existence in Fit the Third. Eventually it transpires one of the deaths was at Stavromula Beta, where someone tried to assassinate Arthur, and he ducked, hitting Agrajag. Arthur however has never been there. Agrajag cries "I've brought you here too zarking soon", but decides to attempt to kill Arthur anyway.

Arthur and Agrajag struggle, and Agrajag dies. Arthur escapes from the Cathedral of Hate, to which he had been diverted, by running into a passageway in the mountain. He notes that he has somehow ended up with the wrong bag—one he lost on Earth many years ago. He trips, and falls, only to discover that he is flying. He experiments with flying for a while, only to be hit in the small of the back by the party which Ford and Slartibartfast are attempting to enter.

The party is flying as well, and Ford and Slartibartfast are on a ledge around the building, not being permitted entry due to the lack of a bottle. Arthur remembers that his bag contains a bottle of Retsina, and this gets them entry. They see Trillian and Thor at the party, where Thor is chatting Trillian up.

They quiz people trying to find the Silver Bail, and discover that it has been instantiated as an award (a Rory) for the Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word Fuck In A Serious Screenplay. Before they are actually able to find it, the Krikkit robots appear, massacre the party-goers and take the Silver Bail.

Arthur tricks Thor into walking out of the building by challenging him to fight, leaving Trillian with no choice but to come with them. The Krikkitmen now have all the parts of the Wikkit Key, and Slartibartfast notes that their next move must be to go to the Wikkit Gate itself and try to intervene. 

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 12 October 2004


  •     The Book: William Franklyn 
  •     Arthur Dent: Simon Jones 
  •     Ford Prefect: Geoffrey McGivern 
  •     Slartibartfast: Richard Griffiths 
  •     Trillian: Susan Sheridan 
  •     Thor: Dominic Hawksley 
  •     Agrajag: Douglas Adams 
  •     Award winner: Bob Golding 
  •     Woman with the Sydney Opera House Head: Joanna Lumley 
  •     Party Doorman: Paul Wickens 
  •     Announcer: John Marsh 


Episode 4

Season 3

by BBC Radio Four