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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fit the Thirteenth


Arthur wakes up in a cave on pre-historic Earth (thus ignoring the  events of the Secondary Phase), on the day, four years after he last saw Ford Prefect,  that Ford arrives back.  Ford carries news that he has detected  disturbances in the "space-time wash", and that they might be able to  escape.  The disturbance turns out to be an old sofa, which materialises  in a field.  They chase the sofa as it runs off, and then are  transported elsewhere.

Zaphod and Trillian are on the Heart of Gold, without Marvin.  Zaphod is extremely hung over, and upset that Trillian is dismissing the events of The Secondary Phase as a "psychotic episode".  Trillian wishes to do something and is  getting increasingly annoyed at Zaphod.  After preparing a fabulous  meal, and Zaphod still refusing to come out of the bathroom, she  teleports away, telling the ship to "transport me the hell out of Zaphod  Beeblebrox's life."

Meanwhile, Marvin is on a swamp on Sqornshellous Zeta, conversing  with the native life-forms, mattresses.  He is circling around and  around on one leg, while his artificial (i.e. replacement) leg is stuck  in the swamp.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 21 September 2004


  • The Book: Peter Jones and William Franklyn
  • Arthur Dent: Simon Jones
  • Wowbagger (and Vogon Captain, uncredited): Toby Longworth
  • Ford Prefect: Geoffrey McGivern
  • Trillian: Susan Sheridan
  • Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
  • Marvin the Paranoid Android: Stephen Moore
  • Eddie the Computer: Roger Gregg
  • Zem the Mattress: Andy Taylor
  • Announcer: John Marsh


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