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by HolisticMom, MD (Madiha Saeed, MD and Kids (Abdullah, Zain, Emaad, and Qasi
The Holistic Kids Show

Kids, Stress and Mindfulness with Dr. Romie


We are living in a stressful world. Our parents are stressed, our teachers are stressed and that makes us stressed. Chronic stress can make adults and kids sick. Join us with Dr Romie Mushtaq, MD, neurologist (brain doctor) as she help teach us kids how we can manage our stress and get ready to learn all about the power of mindfulness! This is an episode you will NOT want to miss!!! Your body will thank you! We promise!

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Dr. Romie is a triple board-certified physician and serves as Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality where she has implemented mindfulness and wellness programs for over 7000 employees. She is on a mission to transform the brain and mental health in the workplace. Dr.Romie's expertise is routinely featured in the national media, and on global stages for corporations, athletes, and professional associations. Dr. Romie is bringing her innovative research based in neuroscience, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to teach the "brainSHIFT protocol." Get ready to break your stress cycle and brainSHIFT to up level your performance and leadership.


Episode 21

Season 1

by HolisticMom, MD (Madiha Saeed, MD and Kids (Abdullah, Zain, Emaad, and Qasi