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by HolisticMom, MD (Madiha Saeed, MD and Kids (Abdullah, Zain, Emaad, and Qasi
The Holistic Kids Show

Pitfalls of DIS-Ease with Dr. Rajka


Join us on The Holistic Kids' Show today as we talk about the common pitfalls that lead to DIS-Ease and how to optimize your immune system during the holidays. Happy Early Thanksgiving from us kids!

Dr. Rajka has been successfully leading families to optimal health for over 2 decades as a board certified Family Medicine doctor, from delivering babies to managing family care in the clinic and hospital. She is now exclusively a leading Functional Medicine Consultant certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) . She is an international speaker, facilitator and mentor to practitioners and has trained dozens of practitioners 1:1, via her online mentorship and more recently as a mentor for IFM. Dr. Rajka has patients who travel from around the world due to her renown expertise in autoimmune disease, autism, nutrigenetics and methylation, digestive disorders, cognitive decline, mold toxicity, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Her track record of success speaks for itself.

Having overcome 2 autoimmune diseases along with multiple symptoms gives her firsthand knowledge and empathy for the challenges that face her patients. As a woman and an entrepreneur she is passionate about empowering women leaders: celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s to optimal health via a comprehensive functional medicine approach which includes mindset, and stress modification via biofeedback. To strengthen her skills, Dr. Rajka is in the process of certifying as a high performance coach. Her ultimate goal is to have these women empower their families and their tribes to optimal health. She sees patients at the clinic she founded: Simply Health Institute outside of Chicago, IL. You can find out more information on her website: www.drrajka.com

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Episode 12

Season 1

by HolisticMom, MD (Madiha Saeed, MD and Kids (Abdullah, Zain, Emaad, and Qasi