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The Journey to Becoming a Stylist | Jono Fleming

This week, my guest is Jono Flemming - an incredible interior designer who has had a hugely varied career. Jono was Style Editor of "Inside Out" Magazine, and today, works for himself, and has his own podcast with Kerry Ann Jones , 'House of Style'.

This is a wonderful episode for anyone out there for anyone who is interested in having a career in interior design. Jono gives a look at what his career has been like from studying to retraining and all the aspects of the journey in between that led him to where he is today.

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House of Style Podcast with Sarah Andrews

The beautiful artists and brands which Jono mentions during our chat, are:
Rubble Workshop
Clay Canoe
Oh Hey GraceNeighbourhood Studio
Maison Balzac
Southern Wild Co

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