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The Insomnia Project

Gonstanto Industries Generic Forest Meditation #1


For entertainment purposes only. This is not to be used in place of a licensed therapist or other qualified medical aid given its satirical and comedic content.

Gonsanto Industries welcomes you to the first in a series of guided meditations that will ease your mind, calm your body, and allow you to transition into a fully sleepless existence.

Written, directed, and narrated by Adam Blanford.
Sound effects provided by freesound.org
Theme music provided by The Superluminal Project
Transcript by Alexandra Douros

Transcript available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/19AGiBDvMQ_JOV_-JhWtgu-2DxPtr6UTg/view?usp=sharing

Content warnings:

1:30 to 1:35: mention of sedatives.
3:20 to 3:39, 5:38 to 9:02: Anxious situations.
6:30 to 6:44: Threat of death.
5:49 to 5:51, 6:02 to 6:05, 7:01 to 7:04, 7:44 to 7:54: loud noises. 6:14 to 6:26: mention of medical procedures.
7:21 to 7:24: mention of weapons.
7:34 to 7:50: descriptions of monster.
7:50 to 8:42: death, eating.