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The Inspired Pilot Podcast

23: Colonel (ret) Richard Graham - Retired SR-71 Blackbird, USAF & Airline Pilot


Join us as Richard Graham gives us insight into his inspiring pilot journey

After his first solo flight in 1962, with his father as the instructor, Rich Graham was hooked on a flying career. After 25 years in the United States Air Force flying the T-37/T-33/T-38/F-4/SR-71/U-2/KC-135Q aircraft he retired in 1989.

He flew at American Airlines for 13 years and was a Captain on the MD-80. With a total flying time of 14,437 hours, Rich is currently an instructor pilot at McKinney Airport in Texas, United States and is a member of the Dallas FAAST team.

Listen to Richard's Interview Here: Episode 23: Richard Graham