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by Judith Ebengho
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In this episode, Ivarah lets us know that having a rough background is not an excuse to live defeated. He talks about the unique journey he has traveled so far from being a child with no food to building an organization that caters to the needs of vulnerable children and women. To find out more, jump right in!

Ivarah Itofa built an organization, church on the street at just nineteen years old with four friends to tackle food insecurity for Children around Sub Saharan Africa. Today his organization serves over a thousand vulnerable children in Nigeria through local independent food pantries and Foodbanks. He designs sustainable projects for vulnerable women and children across Sub Saharan Africa to tackle malnutrition, illiteracy, and poverty in nexus with the United Nations sustainable development goal program, World food Program report, and UNICEF.

Ivarah Itofa has spoken on sustainability and child care advocacy at the HiveAfrica Global Leaders Program, 2019, Lagos. United Nations Regional Youth dialogue, 2019, Edo. He was named Nigeria's Youngest Social entrepreneur, 2019.

He is passionate about rewriting the narratives for the African millennial, Ivarah Itofa will be happy to connect with you on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Episode 12

Season 2

by Judith Ebengho