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Charlie Coyle on Staying Positive & Managing the Demands of an NHL Season


Charlie Coyle has charted a unique path during his hockey career, having grown up in Weymouth, MA before playing college hockey at Boston University and ultimately being drafted into the NHL by the San Jose Sharks. He spent the first 6 seasons of his career playing for the Minnesota Wild before being traded to his hometown Boston Bruins in 2019.

The 2021-22 season will be Charlie’s third full season with the Bruins, and he will enter training camp this fall after spending the summer recovering from offseason knee surgery. As most hockey fans know, NHL players are often very quiet about the injuries they deal with during the season – and it isn’t until after the playoffs end that you hear about all the aches and pains the athletes endured during the season.

Charlie is no stranger to the brutality of the NHL season, and has been coming into our TB12 Performance & Recovery Center in Boston for treatment sessions throughout each of the last three seasons. He understands that you can’t perform at a high level without a consistent focus on recovery, and has made pliability a key part of his preparation throughout the season.


Episode 27

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