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Episode 17: Rule of Law Season – Hong Kong Activist in Exile


In this episode, we focus on a part of the world that has become one of the front lines of the fight to uphold the Rule of Law – Hong Kong. In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has been imposing increasingly strict measures on the once autonomous and democratic Hong Kong, designed to erode that autonomy. The response has not come from the powerful or well-connected members of Hong Kong society, but from the vibrant, beating heart of Hong Kong: its youth. Nathan Law, who became the youngest lawmaker ever elected to the Hong Kong Legislative Council in 2016, has emerged as one of the most recognizable and respected voices on the Hong Kong democracy movement. He spoke to us from the UK, where he is now living in exile, about China’s spreading authoritarianism, the global importance of Hong Kong’s struggle for freedom and autonomy, and his optimism that democracy will prevail in the end. 

Nathan Law – The Magnitsky Human Rights Award

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