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by Lauren Eliz Love
The Lauren of Love Podcast

EP 234: God, Healing the Body, and Covid Trauma: A Channeled Conversation


In this episode, I interview Ashaun as she navigates a painful nervous system disorder and her relationship with God and spirituality.

Ashuan grew up in a Christian dynamic environment. God was a masculine being outside of herself. In this season of her life, she is suffering with her body, the things she's moving through are so difficult and challenging for her being and her nervous system that she cant speak so she has shared questions on Instagram with me about relationships with God.

We discuss:

  • Why does he want me to suffer?
  •  How do I heal this? 
  • How do we have faith, hold our prayer, or believe in a loving God?
  • The concepts of God the Father/God the Mother and love frequency
  • Hear Laurens perspective and discuss taking back our power in processing these things


  • Be mindful of pauses for typed responses to questions as Ashaun cant speak.
  • Lauren is sitting with Hapé so there is nose blowing.
  • There may be perspectives of what I carry in my heart that may not be in yours, and some that are in yours. Practice discernment in knowing what medicine is right for you in this season of your life. Recognize that these will change over time. There are many perspectives I hold today that if I shared with my past self, I would say it was crazy.

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by Lauren Eliz Love