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by Lauren Eliz Love
The Lauren of Love Podcast

EP239 pt2/3 How to Heal Day 2


Day 2: How to heal TRAUMA

My loves!! What a magical day 2 this was!!

This is the free three day series and today we talked about one of the most important topics in self healing.

Trauma can look like so many different things to different people. It doesn’t just happen once. These experiences cause us to manifest things like health issues, insecurity, self doubt, and more.

Today, we learn to break that once and for all.

I’m so excited to share another taste of the HEAL. Program medicine with you inside this training.

Doors to HEAL. Are officially open for enrollment and will close on the 28th.

I’m so happy with how Day 1 went and I can’t wait to keep welcoming all of our new students coming into the program.

Did you listen to Day 2? Share your takeaways with the community in the comments on my Instagram !

For more information on HEAL. 



by Lauren Eliz Love