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by Lauren Eliz Love
The Lauren of Love Podcast

EP239 pt3/3 How to Heal Day 3


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Welcome to day three of the How to Heal Your Life Series!

Our final day of this How to Heal.FREE Series!

Today we are stepping into a deeper understanding and embodiment of the HIGHERSELF.

Have you ever felt that calling and knowing that you were stepping into your higher self?

Have you ever felt the awareness that there was a higher more loving high vibe version of you waiting for you to claim?

Have you ever felt a strong desire to tap into a next level of your identity that maybe didn’t hold or carry the old habits that you currently have in your reality?

Today’s training will be for you!

Today in day THREE we are diving into

-Where does our relationship with the higher self come from?
-What is the best way to activate and align with the higher self?

-How to move effortlessly towards embodiment of your higher self?



by Lauren Eliz Love