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by Hannah Kuhary
The Lightbody Podcast

11 | Energetic Rewiring & Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius


In this episode, Hannah talks about the massive shift in energy we will be experiencing over the next two weeks as the Sun dips into Gemini, Saturn goes retrograde, our first Lunar Eclipse of 2021 comes to light and Mercury goes retrograde in its home sign. Learn about how these energies will be affecting us collectively and how we can navigate these changes.

In this episode we cover:

  • Current Gemini energies
  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and upcoming square with Uranus
  • Total Lunar Eclipse at 5° of Sagittarius on May 26th and what we are releasing
  • Strong Piscean energies to support our growth
  • Mercury retrograde in Gemini

If you'd like to learn more or work with Hannah:

Connect on Instagram: @divineskymystic
or via her website, www.divineskymystic.com


Episode 11

by Hannah Kuhary