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by Hannah Kuhary
The Lightbody Podcast

17 | Connection, Creation & End of Year Astrology for 2021


Join Hannah in this highly requested episode as she covers the dynamic astrological transits and energetics for the last quarter of 2021. This episode contains important details about Mercury Retrograde in Libra, the last two eclipses of the year and specifics and considerations regarding some of the most potent and life-changing energy of this year.

In this episode we cover:

  • Energetic shifts with planets going direct
  • Mercury retrograde in Libra
  • Mars activity and its movement with Mercury
  • Venus transits, retrograde and conjunction with Pluto
  • The ending of our Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse storyline
  • The last Saturn/Uranus square
  • Affects on our economies, food industries and value systems

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by Hannah Kuhary