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by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh
the little black fish

Arranged Marriages, American Style | Professor Pepper Schwartz | Seattle, WA


Today, I am in dialogue with my dear colleague and New Times Best Selling author, professor Pepper Schwartz. Pepper is an inspiration for many who work in the field of sexuality and relationships. As a sociologist at the university of Washington in Seattle, with 25 books, multiple research papers and two Ted Talks to her credit, Pepper brings a rich and holistic perspective into our conversation about what takes to create a thriving relationship. She generously shares her top learnings as one of the three relationship experts on the show, Married at First Sight which is a series on Lifetime about arranged marriages. The show is on its 11th season in America and 26 other countries. It focuses to bring compatible couples together, get them legally married and help them figure out the rest after.  


Episode 13

Season 1

by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh