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by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh
the little black fish

Hope Focus | Sebastian Rich | Cyprus


In this dialogue Sebastian and I have a transparent conversation about making connections through preserving human dignity and seeing people for all that they are and not what they are expected to be portrayed as. Sebastian is a world-renowned photographer who focuses on capturing some of the most sensitive, inspiring and heart-wrenching moments in our current history. Sebastian’s photos capture hopes and sorrows all in one shot. He is based in Cyprus but was in lockdown in Devon, England at the Tim oof this interview. He brings his whole self to our conversation from an award-winning camera man to a survivor of multiple kidnaps and gun-wounds to a father who still seeks to find balance in his life. We talk about compassion, empathy and sympathy. What we need more of and what we need to leave at home when we are trying to be helpful to others. 


Episode 10

Season 1

by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh