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by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh
the little black fish

Introducing "the little black fish" podcast


the little black fish: Moving from contraction to expansion and connection. 

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh is a world-renowned social psychologist and psychotherapist. She has worked in 40 countries to help individuals, couples, leaders and communities from bedroom to the boardrooms. Growing up her nickname was the little black fish for her deep curiosity to look beyond what was obvious and available. As “the little black fish” she takes you along to streams that are novel and overlooked. Along the way you will connect with parts of yourself that were forgotten, acquire new lenses to view people and the world around you anew and collect wisdom that help with your relationships on many fronts. This podcast is a compilation of unfiltered dialogues between Dr.Sara and various thought leaders around the world.



by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh