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by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh
the little black fish

Moving from Racial Literacy to Becoming an Antiracist


"I am the therapist, yet my white clients don't shy away from advising me". When you are in the position of privilege you don't see how it shows up in all your interactions. In this dialogue I had the pleasure to have an insightful dialogue with my dear colleague and mentor Dr. Kenneth Hardy. Dr. Hardy is one of the most original voices in the discourse around racial identity and family therapy. We touch upon three main topics with very fresh perspectives: 1) multiple identities, intersectionality of these identities and the context in which they exist, being perceived and received with a practical model to get to know these selves and how they inform our way of being in our everyday lives. 2) the notion of reality and how it could be different based on our privileged identities and areas of subjugations. 3) VCR (Validate, challenge and Reassure) as a tool to acknowledge and heal rage within our society. Become the change you want to see in our society by listening to this enlightening conversation with one of the most original voices in the discourse around racism. 


Episode 16

Season 1

by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh