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by ThreeFourTwo Productions & Cadence13
The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid

Episode 32: Moritz Wagner | “You gotta be at peace with yourself”


We have a very special episode this week. The Long Shot visited Ann Arbor and sat down with Michigan legend and close friend of the pod, Moritz Wagner. Duncan and Moe reflect on their days at Michigan, nearly fighting each other, and how far Moe has come since he first arrived on campus from Germany. They also discuss battling adversity, finding joy in your work, Moe’s “provocative” nature on the court, and how that has led to some on-court altercations… including one with Duncan and the legendary headbutt from Giannis. The guys also talk about all of the incredible veterans that Moe has played for - LeBron, Rondo, Russ, and more - and how that has helped shaped him as a player.
Before all of that, Duncan and Davis discuss whether Michigan is a football or basketball school, start re-working a community name, reflect on Duncan’s career high, and more!
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by ThreeFourTwo Productions & Cadence13