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by The Love Yourself Foundation
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EP 36 Spring Cleaning Limiting Beliefs & Outdated Societal Structures with Jay Suirad & Michael Loree


In this episode, Monica connects with some of her best friends that are making a positive impact in the community. They discuss LYF’s theme of the month: spring cleaning and how that ties into improving our collective society. She is joined by Jay Suirad, founder of Legendarii Media Group and Michael Loree Licensing Assistant at Ignite Teen Treatment. In this chat, they talk about deep lessons learned from the pandemic, ways to move forward as a collective, along with discussing the recent shooting that happened in Atlanta, Georgia; an anti-Asian crime. Jay, Michael and Monica chat about the dangers of white supremacy and the importance of coming together to show our Asian brothers and sisters are of utmost support during this time.

Featured Outro Song: Transcendent by David Rice

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Episode 36

by The Love Yourself Foundation