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by The Love Yourself Foundation
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EP 41 The Spectrum of Mysticism


In this episode, Monica chats with LYF teammate, Juan Quetzal on the grand topic of mysticism. They both discuss personal stories that have helped them both in their own understanding of what mysticism means to them, while also discussing the many layers of this topic. This chat also discusses other aspects to this, such as the importance of not spiritually bypassing life and how vital it is to shift away from cultural appropriation and transition into a space of cultural appreciation when adopting spiritual practices. If you’re also curious on how to start your own spiritual practice, this episode is for you!  Stay Connected with Juan Quetzal Stay Connected with The Love Yourself FoundationAbout The LYF PodcastThe Love Yourself Foundation promotes self-love practices to help those searching for personal enhancement through the arts, sciences, literature and more.


Episode 41

by The Love Yourself Foundation