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by The Love Yourself Foundation
The LYF Podcast

EP 43 Embracing and Creating Culture with Featured Artist: Phillip Wolf


In this episode, Monica has the honor to interview Las Vegas based rapper/singer-songwriter Phillip Wolf. Originally from San Antonio, TX- Philip moved to Vegas three years ago. He proudly found a new home in Vegas where he has been a pivotal part in co-creating our ever-growing culture in Vegas. Monica and Phillip chat about AAPI and Mental Health Awareness Month, the crimes against our AAPI community, pivotal lessons from the pandemic, and the importance of creative experience. Be sure to stick around to hear Phillip’s single “OMW” at the end of the episode! Stay Connected with Phillip Wolf Stay Connected with The Love Yourself FoundationAbout The LYF PodcastThe Love Yourself Foundation promotes self-love practices to help those searching for personal enhancement through the arts, sciences, literature and more.


Episode 43

by The Love Yourself Foundation