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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 78 | Cheesy One Liners | The Mad Scientist Lab


In this episode of The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast, we are happy to have our good friend Shawn back on the show to discuss anything and everything!

We start off with our thoughts of the outcome of The Super Bowl and its halftime show that everyone seems to hate. Shawn flaunts his Tom Brady jersey as he makes the claim that Tom is the best athlete of all time.

RJ opens up about his creative writing class in middle school along with his other various creative outlets and Jared asks the question “Where has the creativeness gone?”

We make the startling discovery of Shawn's age and his massive hat collection. The number is staggering and leaves RJ and Jared shocked.

Speaking of hats RJ realizes that his hat size is too big and that he has beady eyes! And last but not least the guys find out that RJ can’t put on a tie as Jared roasts him and shakes his head in shame!

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