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Episode 79 | Sweet Potato Pancakes | The Mad Scientist Lab


Welcome to yet another weekly episode of your favorite Mad Scientists!! This week we have dedicated the show to something very important... Health!! (Cracks open a beer)

Our good friend Brandon Henry drops by and lays down his dietary practices along with the workouts that help keep him in shape.

Brandon goes into fine detail about his eating habits as well as the pros and cons of what works best for him. Some of what he eats is kinda eeww.

He also speaks on his sponsorships through his hard work and dedication to keeping himself fit. Does anyone like backpacks or watches the size of gold bars??? I know that we do.

RJ finally gets a new phone under dire circumstances. Speaking of phones RJ calls his good pal Daniel Vega to discuss his background in wrestling and his love for guns... Merica!!

And last but not least RJ asks Daniel the most impervious of questions “Daniel have you had an HBI??”

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