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Episode 80 | Free Flowing Musical Experience | The Mad Scientist Lab


On our landmark 80th episode we are honored to have none other than The Mayor of Kingstowne himself join us none other than Christian Jock known to many as “Cheif” That’s not all folks we are also joined by Free Flowing Musical Experience lead singer Scott Fallon!!

We dive into the world of the unknown as Scott tells us his adventures of looking for none other than BIGFOOT (Seriously)

If you think that’s crazy Scott also deals with paranormal activities and tells us a true and haunting tale of a haunted house.

IF THAT wasn’t crazy enough Scott tells us he saw X Files star
David Duchovny performs in a band called David Duchovny.

Plus Christian gives the back story of how here earned the moniker Mayor and his nickname Cheif. Which is actually quite fascinating.

Scott and Jared click when we discover Scott used to do stand-up comedy and the riot ensues.

Needless to say, this is one hell of a show, and hope the guys join us again in the future.

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by Mad Scientist Media LLC