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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 85 | Going Commando| The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast


This week on The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast we welcome back our good friend Shawn, who recently came back from Tampa Bay and he breaks down his Wrestlemania weekend!!

RJ and Shawn break down the annual event and discuss the ups and downs from the biggest show of the year.

Covid- 19 protocol from Tampa seemed scarce as Shawn details his recent trip to Nationals Park and the guidelines that they have set in place. Speaking of sporting events, Why does beer always cost an arm and a leg when you go see your favorite teams? Greed, that’s why!

Jared and Shawn talk about Jared’s recent stand-up comedy endeavor and the nerves that ran through his body.

Also, how does one go about writing a joke? Last but not least RJ is in a trippy mood as he channels “70s RJ” into the show...Love and Peace!

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