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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 90 | Low Octane Bullshit | The Mad Scientist Lab


What is that in the distance? Can it be?? Yes! Yes, it is Episode 90 of The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast!!

We get down to business and start the show off with a review of Jared’s stand-up act. The guys give their honest thoughts and opinions from Jared’s big night. Jared did an excellent job for being new to the stand-up scene but how well did his peers do?

The guys rate the comics and their performances to being pretty damn funny too, OMG why is this person still up here?? For whatever reason that is the universe, RJ gets roasted by some of the comics on stage.

Does RJ really like VR porn? Interestingly enough Shawn has a story that goes with it.

Last but certainly not least RJ and Jared discover the real story behind Shawn’s madness of eating all the Tater Tots!



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