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Tips for productivity on quarantine times



This is the most important skill that we need to being productive and end tasks that we need to,you must understand, that focusing on one thing will get you further than trying multi-taksing, the brain doesn't know how to focus on 2 things at once. It is constantly changing the context from one task to another, and you end wasting energy and willpower and not acomplishing things.

The way I focus, is, writing every morning what things do i want to accomplish through the day. Some people write them the night before. And you must calculate how much is going to take you to finnish those. Then schedule.

For example if I want to work on idk, the graphics on my website, I pick one block of 45 minutes and schedule it trough the day. And when the sessions starts, I keep focused on just that thing. If I have to study, the same process.

2. Meditation. Before anything else, I sat down and meditate to put my brain on its place. This always helps me to stay focused on what i'm goin to do. Example. If I have a lot of task trough the day, when I wake up, made some coffee, and sit down to meditate just for 10 minutes to keep your brain on a sweetspot to work.

3. Exercise: Sometimes when I wake up and still sleepy, I just do 5 or 10 reps of push ups or squats to awake my body, I learned this from tim ferris. This is goint to push your blood running trough your body and getting ready to whatever task you're into.

But also exercise is a huge way to increase your focus and productivity.
You may ask how is it possible if you need time and you're going to spend that time on excercising? Well, if you excercise on a daily basis, you are gonna have a healthier brain, a healthier brain works better than an not healthy one. Its just that simple.

4. Deadlines: Remember the parkinson law? Parkinson laws is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".That means, if you put dates on your goals, you're gonna take all that time in acomplish that goal, maybe you remember some project from school of college, with a deadline and you had less than half of the project, but in the last day or the last hours you focused so much into finish it that you did it!

Well, the idea here it's not put deadlines on the long term, this work for challenging yourself. Try it. And it's gonna work wonders.

5. Eliminate distractions.
This is pretty obvious, but in reality, in these days we have one little thing that distract us all day long, with notifications, messages, stories, and stuff.

When I'm working, I just simply put the phone on flight mode, or I use some app like forest.
This app helps you to focus on one single task at a time, and to avoid checking my phone. The app doesn’t allow you to block the use of your phone or computer, but as it works as a game, it is really effective cause it's and instant gratification for your work. Your brain it's going to drip dopamine everytime you plant a tree.

6. Pomodoro technique. This is really known, technique on productivity. It's simply setting a timer for 25 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes, and repeat that process 4 times, and the fifht rest could be longer. The standard time for the pomodoro technique is 25 minutes but try other variations, my ideal times are 45 minutes and rest 15 minutes. That way i can work for a lot of time.

One book recommended on this topic. Is Deep work by cal newport.



by Man up