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by Darren Contardo
The Marketer's Commute Podcast

Direct Response vs Traditional Marketing


Let's face it... traditional image advertising is cool and we all aspire to hire high-priced directors to tell a movie-like story through million-dollar, then brag to our friends on what a big deal we are. All you need is about $20 million to do that, so let's leave that for the fortune 500.

Now let's talk about the other 99% of business owners, marketers, and entreprenuers. You need to sell product when you advertise, so you can do it again and grow your profits. With direct response you can test whether you have the right product, service, offer, audience and sales process before you invest.

In this episode I'll breakdown the benefits of DR, where to advertise, how to set it up, and the tools you need to succeed.



by Darren Contardo