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The MeatEater Podcast

Ep. 358: Thoreau Would Likely Have Little Use For You

Steven Rinella talks with Kimi Werner, Danny Bolton, Ryan Callaghan, and Seth Morris.

Topics discussed; taking her slow; Parks and Rec as the Goodwill bin of The Office; on Nick Offerman and Thoreau; on Steve being demeaning; defining scope; math and chum bags; more on the lead vs. copper debate; losiong your life to swordfish and sailfish; on how fascinating the Coronado Expedition was; when you're a fishing guide who finds dead bodies; carp herpies; Steve's first ono and mahi in the same day; getting real sharky; competing with sharks for your sashimi; one crack, medevac; how amazing shark movement is; pilot fish like a shark's pet dog; and more.

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The MeatEater Podcast


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