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The Naked Hypocrisy of the Emmys, Crazy Mask Policies, and the LuLaRoe ‘Cult’ with Leonydus Johnson, Roberta Blevins and Derryl Trujillo | Ep. 163


Megyn Kelly is joined by political commentator and host of the “Informed Dissent” podcast, Leonydus Johnson, to discuss the pandemic hypocrisy of the attendees of the Emmy’s, San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s defense of nightclubbing without a mask, the new COVID policies for toddlers, the increase in violence against innocent children, and more. Megyn is also joined by former LuLaRoe retailer and employee Roberta Blevins and Derryl Trujillo to discuss the new Amazon Prime documentary series “LuLaRich” and to share their own experiences working with the scandalous multi-level marketing legging company, and more.

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Episode 163

by SiriusXM