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by Tony Zaret
The Meme Team

Minion Memes with Joey Dundale and 'Denzel Pacino'


For the first time in human history a bunch of cartoon blobs created for an audience of 5-year-olds has been embraced by middle-aged right-wing adults. These creatures are known as 'Minions' and not only do they star in movies made for an international audience of small children, they also feature prominently in memes shared by retirees who are disgusted with the modern world. To examine the cultural phenomenon of Minion memes we have on The Meme Team podcast meme expert Joey Dundale and celebrity guest 'Denzel Pacino'! To see the memes, go to @tonyzaret on Instagram and look for the pictures labelled 'Episode 39.'.


Episode 13

by Tony Zaret