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The Michael Steele Podcast

Quick Take: Taking an Oath to the Constitution

The Michael Steele Podcast
The Michael Steele Podcast
This is an excerpt from the full episode "America's Descent into Dysfunction: With Adam Kinzinger."

Michael speaks with former Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Adam discusses serving on the January 6th Committee despite initially not wanting to, the leadership he witnessed on both the left and right, putting country over party and the news of Kevin McCarthy leaving office.

Check out Adam's book, "Renegade: Defending Democracy and Liberty in Our Divided Country," here: https://www.amazon.com/Renegade-Defending-Democracy-Liberty-Divided/dp/0593654161

Check out Adam's organization, Country First: https://www.country1st.com/about

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The Michael Steele Podcast
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