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The Morning after the Crisis

6. École du soir - Six Films, from Rwanda and Beyond


This week, we present a conversation between Fatima Bintou Rassoul Sy and artist Christian Nyampeta: École du soir - Six Films, from Rwanda and Beyond.

A Pandemic. It would have been helpful for us to have been prepared for it. To be able to anticipate it. To know how to live it and deal with it. To experience it and accept it. Unfortunately, we're facing a situation that appears to us to be unprecedented. We are analysing past crises, but which in the current context seem distant and even abstract. We "collectively" feel like a cluster of patient 0's, whether or not we have contracted the virus. Our lifestyles, our conceptions, our understandings of the world as we have known it embrace mutations which, although painful, are irremediable. We are going to have to relearn how to live in this context, which for many people remains misunderstood to this day.

Christian Nyampeta, accompanies us in this phase of transition that characterizes mornings after. Those days after, which for some are a utopia and for the rest of us are a necessity. Evening School - Six Films, From Rwanda and Beyond, brings together our recent history through the cinematic production of directors who have dealt with these questions to respond to the realities of war, territoriality and memories. These pebbles sown along the path of history are perhaps for us a means of recreating links and rethinking our globality.

Evening School: Six Films, from Rwanda and Beyond, is a program convened by Christian Nyampeta as part of Artist Cinemas, an online film programming cycle designed by artists for e-flux Video & Film. You can learn more about this program here.


Episode 6

by RAW Podcasts