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The Morning after the Crisis

7. A multi-faceted future for a many-headed monster


This week, we present a conversation between Dulcie Abrahams Altass and artist Shezad Dawood: A multifaceted future for a many headed monster.

The artist Shezad Dawood is currently working on the multi-stage project Leviathan, which explores a near future for a world impacted by a cataclysmic solar event. The episodes of Leviathan are vignettes from different locations that unravel the oft-overlooked meeting point between marine life, mental health and migration. A few months ago, just as Shezad was preparing to come to Dakar for a residency with RAW Material Company, and to work on a Leviathanepisode in Senegal, covid-19 was making its own journey across the planet and the residency had to be postponed. Life began imitating art, with crisis unfolding into crisis and scenes from Leviathan seeming more and more like a possibility with every passing week. A line from episode 1 of Leviathan began to take on new meaning “Each prophecy for the end of the world was coming to pass”. In this conversation, we will talk about the different futures and mornings after imagined in the series, and how such a project, particularly with its multidisciplinary approach, may help us to prepare for what comes next.


Episode 7

by RAW Podcasts