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by Erica Mandy
The NewsWorthy

Capitol Officers Testify, New Mask Guidance & Simone Biles Withdraws - Wednesday, July 28th, 2021


The news to know for Wednesday, July 28th, 2021!

What to know about emotional testimony from Capitol police officers about what they went through on January 6th and why some lawmakers don't want to see any more hearings like that.

Also, the CDC changed course again. What it now has to say about vaccinated people wearing masks.

Plus, a shocking Olympic exit from the best gymnast in the world, a possible breakthrough in cancer treatment, and some new safety policies for teenagers on Instagram.

Those stories and more in about 10 minutes!

Head to www.theNewsWorthy.com/shownotes for sources and to read more about any of the stories mentioned today.

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Episode 1047

Season 1

by Erica Mandy