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by Erica Mandy
The NewsWorthy

Special Edition: Countdown to the Olympics


We’re less than five weeks from the start of the summer Olympics in Tokyo. Organizers are trying to keep things safe by keeping strict rules in place. We’re talking about everything from daily COVID-19 testing to mandated mask-wearing and high-five bans.

Today we’ll hear from the chief medical officer for U.S. Soccer, Dr. George Chiampas, who will be traveling to Japan. He spoke with our main host Erica Mandy about safety regulations and his own expectations ahead of the games.

Then we’ll talk to skateboarding national champion Bryce Wettstein. This is actually the first time skateboarding has been included as an Olympic sport. She’ll talk about what this historic moment means to her and how the pandemic impacted her training.

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Episode 1015

Season 1

by Erica Mandy