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The Nextlander Podcast

Big Zaddy, Big Whale


This week we shamelessly talk up some updates to the Nextlander family of content, cover games like Diablo Immortal and Kao the Kangaroo, and get into news like the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, Sony State of Play predictions, our demands for the Horizon Netflix series, and plenty more.

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(00:00:00) NOTE: Some timecodes may be inaccurate in versions other than the ad-free Patreon version due to dynamic ad insertions. Please use caution if skipping around to avoid spoilers. Thanks for listening.
(00:00:10) Intro
(00:02:03) I've never really seen the Sopranos but I've heard it's pretty good?
(00:06:10) Show rundown
(00:07:49) Nextlander Patreon tier and content updates for the anniversary!
(00:12:49) The games
(00:13:10) Kao the Kangaroo [Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 27, 2022
(00:21:12) First Break
(00:21:17) Diablo Immortal [iOS, Android, PC (Microsoft Windows)] on Jun 02, 2022
(00:33:24) Hardspace: Shipbreaker [PC (Microsoft Windows)] on May 24, 2022
(00:38:20) Citizen Sleeper [Xbox Series X|S, PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch] on May 05, 2022
(00:40:42) Vampire Survivors [PC (Microsoft Windows)] on Dec 17, 2021
(00:43:01) PAYDAY 2 [PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3] on Aug 13, 2013
(00:52:09) Second Break
(00:52:13) News
(00:53:18) Don't break Seal 238
(00:54:15) Jedi Fallen Order 2 gets a teaser
(01:03:00) Sonic Frontiers also gets some footage shown
(01:08:40) Sony's State of Play is coming up
(01:13:35) Sony's classic games still having problems with 50hz
(01:18:45) Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a Netflix series?
(01:29:14) RIP Ray Liotta
(01:31:58) Wrapping up and thanks
(01:32:47) Mysterious Benefactor Tier Shoutouts
(01:34:43) Nextlander content updates
(01:36:07) See Ya!

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