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by Camille Bianchi
The Nurse

4. What They Knew


How did a Launceston nurse prey on children for almost 20 years on ward 4K? He was enabled. Reports come flowing in from a shocked community. We start to find out who knew what.

We also hear about a newly-announced Independent Investigation on the actions of James Griffin at Launceston General Hospital, launched by the Tasmanian Government.

Tasmania Police are ready to deal with reports that relate to any criminal activity, historic or ongoing, but only those that include other perpetrators. Call them on 131 444

Anyone struggling with their mental health and feelings of suicidal ideation or depression can call LIFELINE AUSTRALIA 13 11 14

Locals can reach Launceston counselling service Laurel House https://laurelhouse.org.au/

Send any tips or information to thenursepodcast@protonmail.com

Theme: Stronger Together - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

Final Step by Rafael Krux

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Hiding Your Reality by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/3875-hiding-your-reality

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Man Down by Kevin MacLeod

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Outsider - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

Unspoken - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

The Order’s Theme - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

Troublemaker - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

Walking into Darkness - Myuu thedarkpiano.com

Satiate - only percussion by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4320-satiate---only-percussion

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Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 001 by Sascha Ende

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Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 002 by Sascha Ende

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Episode 4

by Camille Bianchi