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Photographing Oasis with Roger Sargent


Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast!

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Today 's guest is Roger Sargent - @RogerSargo - make sure you are following him as he is posting a bunch of never before seen shots, many of Oasis.

Plus check out his Libertines exhibition from July 17th - https://www.snapgalleries.com/the-libertines-by-roger-sargent/

Plus Andy Middleton @middletonandy did an 'unboxing' video on the new Noel Gallagher guitar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4qg2vY-x_Q

Plus former guest Adrian Conoboy got an MBE! Check out his charity https://wecankickit.org/

Plus former guest James Hargreaves got to Number 7 on the physical charts with his EP Good To Be Back! http://www.jameshargreavesguitar.com/hargreaves-records.html#:~:text=Good%20To%20Be%20Back%20EP%20was%20named%20in%20a%20vote,following%20Friday%204th%20June%202021.


Episode 158

by The Oasis Podcast