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#083 | Discovering Yourself | Alex's Warstory


“I always thought I liked heavy metal but did I really like heavy metal?”

When we get sober it's said that the only thing we have to change is everything. For some of us that means EVERYTHING. Generally, we’ve been out using and drinking so long that we don’t really have any sense of who we are as sober individuals. It takes going through the process of self-discovery to learn new things about ourselves.

In this week’s episode we’re talking about the journey of discovering yourself, a topic inspired by the amazing warstory from Alex. Having always felt different, alcohol helped her cope with the restlessness of being in her own skin. For a long time she kept her two lives separate but eventually her habits had her stealing from her employer and she could no longer keep her secret using life a secret without quitting her job and fully immersing herself into drinking and using. Eventually someone planted a seed in her that would spark a desire to get help and she was able to begin a process of figuring out who she was without the drugs and alcohol.

We’re blessed and grateful to be able to share her story.

Check her out on IG for inspirational content and follow her journey at @alexy talbot_healthyxxl.


Excellent Drugs and Suicide resource from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/drug-addiction/drugs-and-suicide/

If you have questions about how your condition can lead to suicidal thoughts check this out from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/co-occurring-disorders/suicide-hotline/

Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings


Narcotics Anonymous online meetings


Find an Overeaters Anonymous meeting


Refuge Recovery website


Substance Abuse and Mental Health services



Suicide prevention hotline



Domestic Violence hotline



National Human Trafficking hotline



Al-Anon information (support for families)


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Episode 177

by The Other Side of Hell