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by The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success
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66: The Power of Identity with Anthony Trucks


Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach where his goal is to help you transform your mindset and design the life you desire unlocking your full potential. He is also the CEO at Identity Shift where his team will help you upgrade how you operate to be, do, and have more. He attributes his success to two things. 1) His faith in his God and 2) His Hustle.

In this week’s exciting episode we will be spending time with Anthony Trucks where he tells us his story on transitioning to being an NFL player to coaching. He will also give us his knowledge and education on life today.

2:21 As a former NFL player, what was that like to be able to shift gears and go and ultimately create success on another platform?

6:45 Hard realization Journey

12:31? But that was the catalyst that kind of pushed you in taking this life time change or action?

20:00 After you started to see this change, what did you start to notice about the way that you were able to lead and the way in which you were able to show up for those around you?

22:47 Putting in hard work and effort

27:05 Destination

32:54 How doing hard things builds credibility with yourself.

34:01 Believes, thoughts and action

36:53 What would the old Anthony Trucks say about you if he was to run into you today?

Anthony Trucks Information:

Website: https://anthonytrucks.com/

Instagram: @anthonytrucks

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by The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success